What about intellectual property? 

It goes without saying that you retain the rights to the content and ideas of your papers. Missing Shade of Blue makes no claim to them whatsoever. In fact, we aim to safeguard your essays against improper use through a licence from Creative Commons. This means that people are only allowed to use excepts from your paper if they explicitly give you credit, by referring to your person and your work.

Can I submit essays that I use for coursework assessment in April? Will this not trigger plagiarism tests? 

You are more than welcome to submit coursework essays. Since we will publish most submitted essays from late May onward, your work will most likely have been assessed by the university already. Therefore, there is no risk of triggering plagiarism tests. If your essay will be assessed later this year, please mention this in your submission email and can simply publish your essay after you received your grade!

What about anonymity during the submission process? 

We aim to assess your work anonymously so that any potential bias threat will be removed. This means that your details will be removed before the essay is send to the reviewers.

How philosophical is ‘philosophically relevant’? 

Our aim is to publish outstanding work that makes use of philosophical ideas. This means that literature, religion, politics, etc. essays are very welcome too as long as they include questions, topics, or discussions that can be deemed philosophical. Since we also aim to present essays to a lay audience, introductory essays stand a good chance of being accepted too.